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Telecom vertical provides comprehensive energy management products and solutions to wireless telecom players both in India as well as overseas. The Innovative products and Solutions are backed by empowered field organization. The wide range of products provides cost-effective, energy-efficient, integrated, end to end passive infrastructure solutions.

The telecom site performance is optimized to cut energy costs and operational costs leveraging remote monitoring systems and analytics powered by the world’s largest knowledgebase of passive infrastructure performance leading to higher EBITDA and Margins.

ACME owned towers boast of innovative alternative energy solutions to power the sites such as the DC Power House, Solar panels, etc.

Products / Services

Telecom Passive Infrastructure

ACME's power generation products help telecom companies to manage disproportionately high costs of diesel and conventional energy costs.


ACME service offerings enable operational efficiencies for our customers across business verticals and is also the delivery arm of ACME's innovative Product portfolio

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