Free Cooling Unit (FCU)

Free Cooling Unit from Acme is a unique solution for Telecom Operators which provides lower energy OPEX cost & high uptime of Cell Site Operation. FCU allows a shelter to be cooled using cooler outside air and air recirculation methods instead of running compressor based air conditioners at higher energy cost. Continuous monitoring of temperatures inside and outside allows it to choose the most cost effective method to maintain room temperature.

The FCU has the ability to operate its main intake fans at a variable speed to maximize its efficiency allowing it to move large and small volumes of air as it sees fit given the situation. When the FCU cannot use exterior air to cool the shelter, the hybrid control unit of FCU allows the normal Air Conditioning units to turn on and operate as normal, until conditions are met to begin using FCU again. FCU helps telecom sites to convert themselves into green & sustainable sites by eliminating / reducing their DG uses .

Controller Features

  • Can control upto 2/3 AC and one free cooling unit
  • Temperature based fan speed control
  • Humidity sensor (Optional)
  • Remote Monitoring via RS485 (Optional)
  • LED & PFC alarms

Structural Features:

  • Wall mounted outdoor unit
  • Front discharge
  • Gravity damper at exhaust

Operational Features:

  • Air intake from ambient
  • Emergency cooling (Optional)

Technical Specifications : FCU 48VDC

Parameter Unit Specifications
Minimum Air flow CFM 1400
Nominal Power Consumption Watt 220
Nominal Cooling Capacity W/0 K 500
Nominal Operating Voltage VDC 48
Operating Voltage Range VDC 32-56 VDC
Filter Microns 20
Blower   Centrifugal fan
Inlet Unit   Size – 550 HX625 WX625 D (mm ) & Weight – 35 Kg (Approx)
Exhaust Gravity Damper and Protective Grill. Size - 405 L X 405 W (mm)
Controller features Controls 2/3 AC along with FCU
User settable cut in & cutoff temp. for Air Conditioner and FCU
Humidity Sensor (Optional) & user settable RH level for FCU operation
Menu settable parameter with 7 segment LED display
LED and PFC Alarms
Operation mode - Auto / Manual / Real time (Optional)
Fire / Smoke & Air Conditioner fault PFC sensing
FCU / EFC run hours recording
AC run hour recording
Speed variation as per change in shelter temperature for energy saving
Remote Monitoring via RS485 (Optional)