Power Interface Unit (PIU)

ACME’s PATENTED POWER INTERFACE UNIT (PIU) is an ideal solution for Telecom Sites in areas having wide fluctuations and surges in the mains supply. PIU System houses all electrical equipment required in the shelter within a rack space of 600mmX500mm and offers an efficiency over 97%. ACME developed the PIU System on thyristor-based technology having true RMS measurement and monitoring capability. Thus, poor AC mains is no more a problem as it offers wide input mains range and even diminishes the use of the diesel generator due to unhealthy mains.

  • Unmatched patented
    technology, unbeatable savings
  • Most trusted : Over
    150,000 PIUs installed
  • Options adaptable to any need to cater to wide sphere of cell sites
  • Fastest real time running operation > Response time of 10 micro-second
  • Cutting edge electrical interface and design > Modular design > Unique SMD technology
  • Energy monitoring for better energy management > Equipped with GPRS modem

Unmatched Advantages

  • High upgrade ability = Future proof investment.
  • Most advanced field team = Best after-sales services


  • Easy serviceability & repairs
  • Highest MTBF of 70,000 hours in the
  • industrytemperature.


Description Specification
Type 3 in 3 out
3 in 1 out
1 in 1 out
Capacities 15/22.5/30/50 KVA
5 / 7.5 / 12.5 / 15 KVA
5 / 7.5 / 15 KVA
Up gradable Capacities Upgradable to 15 / 25 / 30 KVA
Normal Range Input 240-480 V (L-L)
240-480 V (L-L)
140-280 (L-N)
Wide Range Input 155-480 V (L-L)
155-480 V (L-L)
Auto Phase Selection Logic Healthy phase selection - 2 best phase out of 3 phase input.
Operating Temperature 220 / 230 V + 10% (L-N)
Humidity (-5 to 55 deg)
Voltage Protection at Incoming Power Input a) High Voltage Disconnect (HVD) 485/285V after 10 milliseconds
b) Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) 240/155 /140V after 5 seconds
Voltage Protection at MODULE a) Input side – HVD 245/485V; LVD 240/155 /140 V
b) Output side - HVD 250V (immediate); LVD 190V after 3 sec
Set point-for high Temperature Alarm Factory set ("ON" at 38°C and "OFF" at 36°C). DG will start if shelter temperature goes above set temperature
Set poit for Site Battery cut off Voltage Factory set - 47 V DC, Generator will start if site battery voltage goes below set battery voltage
IP Protection IP 21 for Indoor Application & IP54 for Outdoor Application
Mechanical CNC Fabricated Rack, using CRC Sheet duly powder coated, maximum required foot print area is 600(W)x500(D) mm in case of Indoor Application. Outdoor Cabinet with foot print area - 800(W)x800 (D)
State-of-the-Art Technology High-Speed Micro Controller
True RMS measurement for all Voltage & Current
All the inputs to the measurement board will be duly protected against surge as per IEEE-62.41
Time Real time & date-programmable.
Safety Interlock Last 500 events .
DG Set Measurements There will be electrical/mechanical interlock between contractor to avoid short circuit in case of electronic failure
Mains Measurements Auto/ manual status, DG accumulated hours, DG voltage, DG Energy Measurement (DG KWH).